Humankind’s oldest pursuits include music and art.

Artistic expression has increased through the use of digital media in record time as compared to traditional methods of creating art. Research has shown that with expression, there are correlations between music and color.

How do people choose to express themselves artistically when listening to music? Are color choices effected by what style of music they are listening to? For example, the color red is associated with strong, vigorous music and pulsating beats. Yellow is associated with lively music. Slower, more measured tunes were associated with blue in one study.

Does music have an effect on the way you are feeling?  In this study, it was found the music can directly stimulate an individual’s mood.  Listening to different varieties of music provokes different color choice.

Here you will see an exploration of the relationship between music and color as expressed through creations in a simple digital art format.

View the complete Research Paper and discover Color and the Cochlear Correlation.


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