Experiments & Surveys

If you associate color with music, you are not alone.  We conducted a survey to find out more.  The survey was quite simple and asked if a person could associate music with a color, what color would it be?  Six different genres of music were presented including, Alternative, Techno, Reggae, Jazz/Big Band, Pop and Classical. An additional  interactive MS Paint experiment was conducted. Thirty-four interactive experiments were conducted and 32 surveys were completed. Subjects either participated in the experiment OR the survey, but not both. Subjects who took the survey were not the same individuals who completed interactive experiments.

Thirty second sound bytes from the different genres of music were used during the experiment test while subjects used Microsoft Paint to create whatever they wished.

Get Interactive – take the surveys below and compare results with results from interactive experiement pie charts shown.




To view all research results, view the Research Paper.


3 Responses to Experiments & Surveys

  1. Randy Holland says:

    Excellent poll! Great job on your website as well.

  2. Belinda Lopez says:

    Fascinating topic. Excellent visuals. I will be checking back for additional information associated with drug usage and the association of colors with music and sound. Great website!

  3. Zarrin says:

    Love the website. Nicely done!

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